To our loyal customers and friends,

First and foremost, thank you for your concerns and support. These are difficult times for everyone and as a small business we experience difficulties daily, while continuing to prepare for the times ahead.

We began planning and shopping for this, our 45th year, eighteen months ago. Today, you see the results of our efforts in our store, as well as through our social media. We were prepared to celebrate our 45th with beautiful collections of clothing and accessories. Our decisions and final picks were based on that expectation. We had no idea that our priorities would change so dramatically, as the world and COVID19 became our focus and life as we know it.

As we watch things play out each and every day, we commit to keeping ourselves healthy and our employees and customers safe while in the store. We also commit to supporting our many brands, as a number of these are small businesses as well. As always, we will continue to support other local businesses. We are doing the best we can, given the circumstances, and hope to lift your spirits by sharing a little of our world with you.

Our website has been updated and we’ve prepared to sell several items online. You may also follow us on Instagram and Facebook, look for our email blasts, and shop virtually! Shipping is free! We will be closing the store for the next few weeks and hope to reassess by the end of April. However, we will continue to post on a daily basis and add items to our online shop.

Don’t hesitate to email us at, message us on Instagram or Facebook, or call us at 804.438.5194. We have enjoyed the many calls from those wanting to know how we are doing. Thank you for your patience, and for hanging in there with us during this difficult time.

We are thinking of you and yours and wishing you safety and good health.

Jeannie and Sheila