On Trend: Are Capes the New Jacket?


We think so! If you’re into layering (and we are!) the Cape is the perfect solution to a jacket,not only for the warmth factor,  but for it’s versatility . Wear it belted, long and flowy, as a topper, as a dress, as a hoodie, over the shoulder or secured with a brooch! They’re great over skinny leggings and boots, cropped pants and flats, or as a “dress” , cinched in the middle with a belt. We love Aldo Martin’s classic plaid cape, Curio’s “Burberry” fringed cape, Parkhurst’s faux-fur trimmed cape, and Bitte Kai Rand’s long, shawl collar kimono-style cape. Check out  our “City Wrap”, in four colors, that can be worn 6-no 7!- different ways!